Power of Promotion: The Instagram Lifestyle

instagram strategy for brands

“Imagine the life I could have in a dress like this.” This is the thought that crosses the minds of women everywhere when shopping for things we don’t need on a sunny Saturday afternoon. BuzzFeed poignantly points this out in their post about the shopping experience at Anthropologie, an affordable upscale shopping destination. What we […]

How Web Appearance Works – Why a nice web design is more attractive

good web design principles

As I have started the HubSpot Inbound Certification, I learned that a user-friendly web or blog appearance is important. Well, it is the nature of humans that we love looking at something nice, especially if it is online. I bet nobody wants to see a boring website from their screen. In public relations and marketing […]

How to Write A Winning Pitch

social media newsroom template

Being great at what you do is all about mastering the fundamentals first. For public relations it’s no different. It’s upon these basic building blocks your professionalism rests, especially as you try to earn media for your business. To earn good media placement, one basic skill you should learn is the pitch. It’s the single most valuable […]

Earned Media Strategy from Relevance

earned media

Late in May, I started my regular column on earned media strategy for Relevance, and online magazine about content promotion news and insights. I have creating a compendium of these posts here. You’ll find a cornucopia of topics here as I dig deep into earned media and bring you, what I hope, is the very best, […]

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